Summary Care Record

Your NHS Summary Care Records is a copy of key information from your medical records. This information provides authorised healthcare staff with fast, secure access to essential information about you, which may be helpful in an emergency if you are being treated by a doctor or nurse somewhere other than Sett Valley Medical Centre.

Your Summary Care Record contains information about any medicines that you are taking, any allergies you have, and any medicines that make you ill. This information helps to ensure that healthcare staff treating you can do so safely. It can improve the quality of care you receive.

You can optionally choose to have information about the following included in your Summary Care Record:

  • Your illnesses and any health problems that you have
  • Operations and vaccinations you have had in the past
  • How you would like to be treated
  • What support you might need
  • Who should be contacted for more information about you

To add this information, please let us know and we will add this for you.

Staff who access your Summary Care Record will be directly involved in your care, and they will ask your permission to view the information.

If they cannot ask you – for example, if you are unconscious, or otherwise unable to communicate,  they may look at your record without asking you, because they consider that this is in your best interest. If they have to do this, it will be recorded and checked later to ensure that the access was appropriate.

For additional information about the NHS Summary Care Record please download and complete a Summary Care Record additional information form (PDF) and hand it in to reception.