Patient Participation Group

Sett Valley Medical Centre aims to provide the best possible service to all patients.

The Patient Participation group was established in 2000 to represent patients. It meets with the practice manager on a bimonthly basis to discuss any issues or problems.

The group has a noticeboard in the waiting room of both the New Mills and Hayfield surgeries, where more information about its work is posted.

What is the Sett Valley Medical Centre PPG?

Sett Valley PPG is a group of patients who work together with staff from the practice on a voluntary basis to promote the wellbeing of  our patients and as a critical friend support the Practice in delivering the best possible care and service it can.

Join our Patient Participation Group

All registered patients are able to join our Patient Participation Group. People of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and those with health conditions and disabilities are encouraged to join.

Members should as far as possible, be representative of the surgery population.

To join:

Before requesting to join it may be useful to view our PPG Terms of reference (PDF).

What does the PPG do?

The PPG acts as a critical friend to the Practice, providing patient views with the aim of assisting the Practice in making improvements to the services provided.
Some of the aspects that the PPG is involved in include:

  • Looking at patient survey results and identifying areas for improvements.
  • Increasing awareness of new services available to patients.
  • Looking at ways to improve access.
  • Contribute to local campaigns which could impact patients.
  • Liaise with other local PPGs.
  • Attend local area meetings relating to other aspects of healthcare.
  • Promote the PPG to the wider patient population.

What happens when the PPG meet?

The meetings last for approximately two hours and are held roughly every 2 months.

  • We deal with any points arising from the previous meeting.
  • Any current issues.
  • On occasions we welcome a guest speaker chosen by the group to discuss a current issue relating either to the services provided by the Practice or another local healthcare provider.
  • The Practice provides an update on changes relating to the surgery or other local healthcare providers.
  • Any other business raised by members.
  • The next meeting date is agreed at the end of each meeting

Any member of the group is welcome to request items to be added to the agenda which is circulated prior to each meeting.

Virtual PPG members

Not everyone has the time, mobility or wish to attend meetings. You can also contribute your views and ideas from time to time by responding to short questionnaires on your experiences as our patient or changes that are being developed by email.

You will receive agenda items and minutes of the meetings in advance so that you can make contributions to the meetings in advance.

If you are interested in becoming our ‘virtual PPG member’ please ask to speak to a member of our team or send us an online enquiry form.

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