• Physiotherapy

    If you would like to see a physiotherapist then you can self-refer to the local service which is available at New Mills Clinic and the Cavendish Hospital in Buxton.

    To self- refer call 01246 565050 you will be asked for your NHS number which can be provided by the reception team if you do not know it.

  • Online physiotherapy plans

    Sett Valley Medical Centre uses ZoomPhysio to provide rapid, online treatment for mild musculoskeletal conditions. If you’re suffering from aches or pain, you can receive a personalised online physio plan with easy to follow, easy to view exercises, put together for you by our MSK Practitioner Team. To get started with ZoomPhysio, select the ZoomPhysio logo or the link below and get your recovery underway.

    If you’re concerned about your symptoms, please contact us and arrange a call with our Musculoskeletal Practitioner. You can also arrange a call with our Musculoskeletal Practitioner once you have completed an online physio plan and symptoms have not improved.

    Sett Valley Medical Centre | ZoomPhysio