• Dr J K Douglas
    GP Partner
    Dr Douglas has special interest in diabetes. He is leading the practice in bringing additional services to Sett Valley Medical Centre.
  • Dr MRW Blackburn
    GP Partner
    Dr Blackburn specialises in Diabetes. He also has a strong interest in ENT and occupational medicine. Dr Blackburn carries out vasectomies and minor operation procedures including injections.
  • Dr M Gor
    GP Partner
    Dr Gor specialises in contraception, including coil fitting and Nexplanon; minor surgery; and training GP registrars.
  • Dr A T Horsfall
    Dr Horsfall has special interests in cardiac problems.
  • Dr S Karimi
    Dr Karimi is a salaried GP with interests in women’s health. She oversees baby clinics and is our palliative care and cancer lead
  • Dr D J Keogh
    Dr Keogh is a salaried GP.