Additional Staff


The midwives look after all aspects of maternity from initial booking to postnatal care.

You can contact them via Corbar Maternity Unit on 01298 23079.

Practice Pharmacist

Hazel Evans is the practice pharmacist, working three mornings a week.

She undertakes medication reviews with patients who are taking multiple drugs. Usually, these patients are either over 80 years old, taking 10 or more medicines, or in one of our local residential homes.

The review may take place in the patient’s home, where Hazel can answer any questions they may have about their medicines, make sure they are being taken at the right time and not interacting with any other tablets, synchronise their supplies and if using inhalers, check inhaler technique.

All changes which Hazel recommends are sanctioned by a GP, where necessary.

Patients who have been in hospital or had an outpatient appointment with a consultant often have changes to their medication. Hospital letters are sent to the practice and reviewed by the GP, then sent to Hazel to add or alter their medication ready for their next prescription which the GP then checks and signs.

Hazel works closely with the community matron, nurse practitioners and district nursing team, who offer support to house-bound patients. Often these patients are not using or taking their medicines effectively, so a review is required.

Drug manufacturers often change or discontinue medicines. Hazel works with our GPs to identify alternatives. She also liaises with the local community pharmacy teams for medication queries or requests for changes due to supply issues.

Health Visitors

The health visitors are based at New Mills Clinic and monitor the growth and development of children. They offer guidance on all aspects of child health and childcare.

Your health visitor will visit you at home after your baby is born and will arrange baby clinic appointments with you.

To contact the health visitors, please call 01246 515100.

Social Prescribers

Jess McFall
Elizabeth Roberts
Alex Needham  

We can refer to the High Peak CVS team of Social Prescribers for patients who would benefit from support around the following issues:

  • Social Engagement (social isolation, loneliness, community engagement)
  • Mental health & Wellbeing (incl. bereavement)
  • Healthy Lifestyle (support to improve physical ill-health/maintain good health)
  • Long-term Health (support to alleviate impact of long-term health conditions on life and social factors)
  • Training, Education & employment support
  • Volunteering
  • Housing/Household Management
  • Finances (budgeting, debt, benefits)
  • Carers Support
  • Advocacy/Legal support (incl. immigration)
  • Relationships
  • Other