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Tests and Referrals

After seeing the doctor, you may be asked to undergo some tests, including:

Blood tests

You will be given a form by the doctor and asked to make an appointment at reception for your blood test. Some tests may involve fasting from midnight. If this is the case, or there are any other special instructions, you will be told by the doctor or the receptionist who books your appointment.


You will be given a form by the doctor to hand in at reception. Our receptionists will give you instructions on how to arrange your X-ray appointment.

Ultrasound scans

You will be given a form to hand in at reception and the receptionist will arrange to send this off to the hospital or clinic where the ultrasound scan will be performed. You will then be notified of your appointment by letter.

Physiotherapy referrals

If physiotherapy is necessary, you will be given a form by the doctor. You must present this to our reception who will enter the details onto your records, and then give the form back to you to be taken to New Mills Clinic.

24-hour Blood Pressure Monitors

You will be contacted and an appointment made for you to attend for the monitor to be fitted.

Heart monitor

24 hour ECG heat monitors are fitted at the surgery, and you will be contacted to arrange an appointment for this.

Consultant referrals

If your doctor decides that you need to see a hospital specialist, you will be referred through the NHS Choose and Book system. Alternatively, if you have private medical insurance or wish to see a consultant on a private basis, you may make your own appointment and a letter can be collected from our reception, or posted or faxed to the consultant concerned.

Please remember that after attending an outpatient clinic at the hospital it takes a short while for information about your consultation, including any changes to your medication, to be sent to your GP.

Please allow two weeks for results of tests to arrive back at the surgery. Your doctor or nurse will tell you if the results will be back more quickly or take longer than this.

If you have not been contacted within two weeks, you can be assured that the results are okay.

If you want to confirm, or you still feel unwell after two weeks, please call us after 11.30am. You will be able to find out your results or make another appointment.