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NHS Summary Care Record

Your NHS Summary Care Records is a copy of key information from your medical records. This information provides authorised healthcare staff with fast, secure access to essential information bout you, which may be helpful in an emergency if you are being treated by a doctor or nurse somewhere other than Sett Valley Medical Centre.

Your Summary Care Record contains information about any medicines that you are taking, any allergies you have, and any medicines that make you ill. This information helps to ensure that healthcare staff treating you can do so safely. It can improve the quality of care you receive.

Staff who access your Summary Care Record will be directly involved in your care, and they will ask your permission to view the information. If they cannot ask you – for example, if you are unconscious, or otherwise unable to communicate – they may nook at your record without asking you, because they consider that this is in your best interest. If they have to do this, it will be recorded and checked later to ensure that the access was appropriate.

Additional Information

You have the option to add additional information to your Summary Care Record. Additional information includes details of the following:

  • Your long term health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart problems, or rare medical conditions.
  • Your relevant medical history, including clinical procedures that you have had, why you need a particular medicine, the care you are currently receiving, and clinical advice to support your future care.
  • Your healthcare preferences, such as special dietary requirements, or other preferences which make caring for you more in line with your needs.
  • Your personal preferences, such as religious beliefs, or legal decisions that you would like to be known.
  • Immunisations and vaccinations, such as tetanus and routine childhood jabs that you have had.

Specific sensitive information related to fertility treatments, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy terminations or gender reassignment will not be included, unless you specifically ask for any of these to me recorded. If you have questions about any other potentially sensitive information in your record, you can discuss them with us.

Additional Information

Essential details about your healthcare can be very difficult to remember, particularly when you are unwell. Having Additional Information in your Summary Care Record means that when you need healthcare, you will be helped to recall this vital information.

There are already clear benefits for your care from having medication, allergy and adverse reaction information available through your Summary Care Record. If you choose to add Additional Information, this can further increase the quality of your care. Additional Information can also empower you if you need some help to communicate your complex care needs.

How do I include Additional Information in my Summary Care Record?

We may recognise that having Additional Information in your Summary Care Record will be of benefit to you and may suggest that we add it for you. Alternatively, you can discuss your wishes with us and agree that information should be added to your Summary Care Record, or complete the form available to download at the top of this page.

Additional Information will only be included in your Summary Care Record after discussion between you and your GP or other staff at Sett Valley Medical Centre, and only if you give your permission.

Once you have chosen to add Additional Information to your Summary Care Record, we will continue to keep it up to date. You can change your mind at any time and just need to tell us, if you do.

Children and the Summary Care Record

If you are the parent or guardian of a child under 16 and feel that they are old enough to understand, then you should make the information on this webpage available to them and support them to come to a decision as to whether to supplement their Summary Care Record with Additional Information.

If your child cannot understand and you believe that they may benefit from Additional Information in their Summary Care Record, then you can discuss this with us.

Vulnerable patients and carers

Certain vulnerable patient groups, such as frail elderly people or those with detailed and complex health problems, can particularly benefit from Additional Information in their Summary Care Record. If you are a carer for another person and believe that they may benefit from Additional Information in their Summary Care Record, then you can discuss this with them and talk to us.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about Summary Care Records, you can:

Additional Information Request Form